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On June 7th from 9am-12pm, we are holding "Mountain Maker Madness" - our first annual celebration and showcase of student builders, creators and makers

Students from all CRPS schools will be invited to the LGMS gym to showcase home or school creations to other students, parents and friends. We are looking for examples of woodworking, writing, sculpting, painting, computer programming, art, film-making, robotics, model-building, cooking, animation, knitting, etc - anything created by YOU that you'd enjoying showing off! There is no homework, no writeups, no judging and no prizes. You just bring in and show off the cool thing you made. 

Let us know if you MIGHT have a project and we'll contact you to figure out more! There is absolutely no commitment at the moment. We just want to hear about all the cool things you've built. 

Fill out our contact form by clicking HERE. 

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