Speed, acceleration, velocity - and possible wet splatty impact!? As part of Ken Symington's Physics 20 class, students needed to build an amusement park ride that took their precious cargo (an egg) on a wild ride without loss of eggy life. The egg amusement ride needed to take the "passenger" a minimum of 45 cm off the ground and needed to be in motion between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.  Check out the pictures to see the wide range of designs! All designs were successful until an overexcited ride operator cranked up the ferris wheel ride to ludacris speed and - SPACE FLIGHT. No video of that unfortunately, since everyone was ducking and taking cover. 

A fun way to learn why physics is so important in making sure our real-world machines prevent humans from going splat. 

Ferris Wheel of Eggy Doom?

Ferris Wheel of Eggy Doom?


A crazy egg-coaster.


Engineers protecting egg lives. 


Proud creators.

Ferris Wheel of Eggy Doom? IMG4668 IMG4654 IMG4670 IMG4669

We found out that CCHS Principal Chris Rogers was a big fan of the Dune series of books. Our favorite 3D modeller has a nice model of the sandworms of Arrakis, so we 3D printed it and gave it to him as a scary desk ornament.  Look at those grim teeth, ready to chew up any wrongdoers sent to the principals office, or at least give them a nasty hangnail. 



Look at those nasty teeth. 


Sandworm of Arrakis bursting out of a desk.

Colin F did the paint job and added some actual sand to the base, just to make sure the model leaves a trail of annoying grit everywhere it goes. 

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