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Design - build - test - repeat. Here at MMM we are okay with lots of design failure, as long as each successive fail teaches us something interesting for our next design. Here are a few pictures of a recent LGMS 20 Time project that show a nice design progression. 

The initial project was to design a snowball launcher, but Sage was a little stuck getting past the first rough 3D model on Sketchup. He decided to switch things to a slingshot, and use 3D printing to rapid-prototype successive designs. 

His first design worked, but there were some flaws - not all parts intersected properly, structures were a little thin and breakable, and the shooting power was weak. Sage made a quick return to Sketchup and v2 was soon on the 3D printer. That worked much better and solved a lot of previous problems. But he realized that for greater velocity, he needed a thicker elastic.... So, in Version 3, Sage widened and lengthened, strengthened and moved, and in less than a day he had another prototype to test. Version 4 made things even beefier and a little more comfortable in the hand - and was able to consistently shoot metal balls hard enough to easily go through cardboard. 

Sage's eagerness to keep iterating and fixing each progressive design made this a great project and a real success. 


Prototype and 3D print. 


Printing in PET-G for extra strength.


Multiple versions on sketchup.


The design progression. 


The design progression and happy engineer. 

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